If you have found this site you are likely a teacher, leader, or healer. You may be running or weary from your assignment but now is the time to live in its fullness. You are here to raise the vibration of this world. This is the season to accept your purpose, integrate, and find balance.

I Am here to assist.


Some souls need more than religion to live in their purpose and experience their power for good in the world while healing themselves and others. Individualized consulting will help overcome past trauma and unlock the fullness of your spiritual gifts. Your actualization process will be complemented by custom-designed tools to aid in your assent.


Education is the most trusted way to expand and grow. The application of knowledge, once acquired, is true power. EM offers workshops as a way to help weave uncommon wisdom into our everyday lives.


Warrior Elements and Elevation Creations are uniquely-designed and divinely inspired tools to help with the alignment of our physical and spiritual selves.


We have an uncommon perspective on the human/spirit integration and intend that you will expand, elevate, and evolve from reading our collection of writings.

Dream your life, build your dream

Your energy and the environment can harmonize to assist in manifesting your masterpiece; YOU and a life well lived.

Let’s get started…

To master our lives we must first master ourselves. Each one of us is a universe waiting to be explored. Elevate Me is here to give you tools and perspectives to evolve your soul, master your emotions, empower your mind and balance your body. This discovery is no accident and we are honored to be a part of your journey. Our purpose is to help you expand and welcome you to our extended family. Together, let’s elevate our vibrations for a fulfilling life and a better world.



The wait is over!